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Documentary: Homeless, Not Hopeless

The documentary Homeless, Not Hopeless is being produced to expose the complex intersectionalities surrounding homelessness in America. Remy Gordon, founder of the nonprofit organization, Seeking Shelter, has partnered with videographer Matt Collamer and Britney Lacasse of Boston, MA to create this captivating documentary. It is evident that homelessness is an ongoing issue. According to the National Alliance for Homelessness, there are an estimated 553,742 people in the United States experiencing homelessness on any given night (January 2017). This documentary will delve into the various causes of homelessness, including but not limited to lack of housing options, affordability, income disparities, mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse.  It will look at the major trends of homelessness and the populations it widely affects, showcasing the stories of people experiencing homelessness, ranging from veterans, single individuals, families, children, and transitional aged youth. Homeless, Not Hopeless will address the relationship to the LGBTQ community. Through in-person interviews with not only people experiencing homelessness but also people who work with these populations, it will dig deep to the core issues. Using evidence based practices, the documentary will provide resources and additional opportunities for anyone to become an advocate in their community and show compassion through helping those experiencing homelessness. Please enjoy the short trailer created, and share this to help spread awareness and provide us with funding. The funding will help produce the documentary and the remaining money will go directly to those in need through the nonprofit Seeking Shelter. If you are an organization that is interested in backing the documentary and/or partnering with the team in any capacity, please reach out. Collaborations are encouraged! Any and all donations are helpful. 

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