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Seattle, Washington

Youth Shelters:

New Horizons

  • 2709 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

  • Phone: (206) 374-0866

  • Offers various programs including outreach, daily breakfast, day programs, evening drop-in, emergency shelter, transitional shelter, case management, apprenticeships, and barista training.


Youth Care

  • 2500 NE 54th Street, Seattle, WA 98105

  • Phone: (206) 694-4500

  • Various programs include outreach, shelter (emergency, transitional, and independent), education, prevention, and employment training.

    • James W. Orion Center: Offers 3 meals a day, laundry facilities, clothing, hygiene products, and first aid for youth ages 13-24 years old. Also, provides safe, overnight emergency shelter for up to twenty 18-24-year-old youth.

    • The Adolescent Shelter: Short-term emergency shelter for youth between the ages of 12-17. Offers 12 beds.

    • Jackson Street Program: Jackson Street maintains 15 beds for students. Students can remain in these beds for an extended period while working with case management. Also, offers 5 emergency beds.

    • Casa de los Amigos: Provides an alternative to adult detention for undocumented youth (12–17) awaiting determination of their status.



  • 1415 NE 43rd St., Seattle, WA 98105

  • Phone: (206) 632-1635

  • ROOTS provides safe emergency overnight shelter for young adults ages 18-25. People seeking shelter can call 206-632-1635 or come to our door between 8:00PM and 8:30PM and ask to be put on the list. Provides youth with clean bedding, safe shelter, breakfast, dinner, case management, showers, clothing, and toiletries.


Host Home Program

  • Phone: (206) 462-9327

  • YMCA matches young adults, ages 18-24 who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless with a caring and supportive host family within King County. Host families are volunteers from the community who are willing to provide young people with the support needed to develop independent living skills and a safe space to work toward becoming stable and self-sufficient. 


YMCA Transitional Housing

  • 2100 24th Ave S, Suite 250, Seattle, WA 98144

  • Phone: (206) 749-7540

  • The YMCA provides safe and affordable short-term housing to help you focus on reaching your goals. 36 units are located in shared homes in King County and 20 units are studio apartments in downtown Seattle. Short-term housing is available for up to 15-24 months. In addition, the Y has housing vouchers are available for scattered site living, mostly in Seattle city limits.


Emergency Shelters:

Peter’s Place

  • 901 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

  • Phone: (206) 474-1630

  • Overnight shelter hours daily 6 pm – 7 am. Peter’s Place opens its doors as an overnight shelter for 8 women and 38 men.


Women (and Children):

Sacred Heart Shelter

  • 232 Warren Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109

  • Phone: (206) 328-5696

  • The Sacred Heart Shelter is located on lower Queen Anne and is a temporary shelter that offers a safe, home-like refuge to homeless families in Seattle. The staff works with residents to develop goals, obtain health and dental care, job and parent training, childcare and ongoing support and assistance towards the ultimate goal of locating stable, permanent housing.


Broadview Shelter

  • 1501 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

  • Phone: (206) 299-2500

  • Broadview provides up to 10 weeks of emergency shelter and 18 months of transitional housing for women with children who are homeless. Families are provided with furnished apartment units in a secure building with 24 hour staffing 7 days a week.


Union Gospel Mission

  • 314 Bell Street, Seattle, WA 98121

  • Phone: (206) 621-8474

  • Women and children are offered a place to stay for the night and given clothing and hygiene products.


Noel House

  • 118 Bell St, Seattle, WA 98121

  • Phone: (206) 441-3210

  • Volunteers coordinate shelter for 22 homeless women year-round.


St. Marks Emergency Shelter

  • 120 Bell Street #103, Seattle, WA 98121

  • Phone: (206) 328-5696

  • Shelter 30 nightly. While this is a staffed shelter, a ministry of dedicated volunteers from St. Mark's Cathedral creates a warm, welcoming environment at bedtime and breakfast.


Mary’s Place

  • 1830 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

  • Phone: (206) 621-8474

  • Has various shelter programs. The Family Center houses up to 100 family members, Guest Rooms houses up to 200 family members, Julia’s Place houses 5 intact families, and Lula’s Place houses women with newborn babies. Additionally, Mary’s Place offers hot meals, NA/AA meetings, clothing distribution, employment and housing services, showers and lockers, and mail and phone services.


Angeline’s Day Center

  • 2030 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

  • Phone: (202) 436-8650

  • Provides women with food, showers, laundry, personal storage, counseling, activities, health care, and other connections. Offers an ‘Enhanced Night Program’ for women who are looking to transition to their own housing. This program provides women with shelter and case managers.


Sojourner’s Place (Jubilee Women’s Center)

  • 5071 8th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105

  • Phone: (206) 545-4200

  • Accommodates 10 low-income single women (including pregnant homeless women) while they rebuild their lives and move toward self-sufficiency. Sojourner Place residents have access to comprehensive support including on-site care management, advocacy and referral services, life skills classes, family reunification, as well as food and other basics.


Hammond House

  • Located north of Seattle

  • Phone: (206) 474-1670

  • Shelter hours daily 6 pm – 7 am. Hammond House Women’s Shelter provides a safe, warm place to sleep each night for 40 homeless women. Guests are served dinner and breakfast at the shelter, and have access to case management and support services.



Union Gospel Mission

  • 318 2nd Avenue Extension South, Seattle, WA 98104

  • Phone: (206) 622-5177

  • Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Provides men with showers, personal hygiene products, clothing, and shelter for the night.


Bread of Life

  • 97 S. Main Street, Seattle, WA 98104

  • Phone: (206) 682-3579

  • Provides men over the age of 18 years old with a safe environment to sleep, shower, eat, and relax. Offers a total of 141 beds.


Saint Martin de Porres Shelter

  • 1561 Alaskan Way S, Seattle, WA 98134

  • Phone: (206) 323-6341

  • Serves 212 men per night by providing safe and dignified night shelter for homeless men age 50 and older. Additionally, offers hot meals, clothing, day respite, AA meetings, laundry and shower facilities, medical care, library, and chapel. 


Blaine Center

  • Located on Denny Way near Seattle Center

  • Phone: (206) 474-1660

  • Shelter hours daily 6:30 pm – 7 am. Blaine Center provides a safe, warm place to sleep each night for 60 homeless men. Guests are served dinner and breakfast at the shelter, and have access to case management and support services.


Operation Nightwatch

  • Located in the Pearl Warren Building in Beacon Hill

  • Phone: (206) 310-7010

  • Overnight shelter hours daily 9:30 pm – 5:30 am. Operation Nightwatch Men’s Shelter provides 75 shelter beds for homeless men, with case management provided by Compass Housing Alliance.



Mary’s Place Family Center

  • 1830 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

  • Phone: (206) 621-8474

  • The Mary’s Place Family Center in north Seattle houses up to 100 family members and is the home of our second day center focused on providing resources for families. More than 40 local service providers have co-located with us in the Family Center to provide a convenient way for homeless families to get the help they need.


Food Banks:

Union Gospel Mission

  • 318 2nd Avenue Extension South, Seattle, WA 98104

  • Phone: (206) 622-5177

  • Breakfast at 7:30AM, 8:15AM, and 9AM. Lunch at 11:30AM and dinner at 5:30PM.


Bread of Life

  • 97 S. Main Street, Seattle, WA 98104

  • Phone: (206) 682-3579

  • Offers hot lunch Monday through Fridays from 12:15-1PM.


YWCA Central Area Food Bank

  • 2820 E. Cherry Street, Seattle, WA 98122

  • Phone: (206) 375-1496

  • Every Wednesday offers a food bank from noon till 3PM.


Peter’s Place

  • 901 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

  • Phone: (206) 474-1630

  • Day Center hours Sunday-Wednesday 8 am – 5:30 pm, Thursday 8 am – 3:30 pm. Overnight shelter hours daily 6 pm – 7 am. People can seek refuge, meals and basic services as well as connect with case management, entitlements and other benefits, mental health counseling and nursing services. By night, Peter’s Place opens its doors as an overnight shelter for 8 women and 38 men.


Friday Feast

  • 1415 NE 43rd St., Seattle, WA 98105

  • Phone: (206) 632-1635

  • Friday Feast is an all-ages meal provided by ROOTS every Friday that is open to anyone in the community who would like to attend. Dinner is served from 5:30 to 7:00PM every Friday in the ROOTS shelter space.


Ballard Food Bank

  • 5130 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

  • Phone: (206) 789-7800

  • Walk-in food bank hours are Tuesday (11AM-6PM), Wednesday (11AM-3PM), Thursday (11AM-3PM), and Saturday (11AM-3PM). Mail, hygiene bar, and referrals are offered Tuesday through Thursday from 11AM-3PM.


Ranier Valley Food Bank

  • 4205 Rainier Ave S.,Seattle, WA 98118

  • Phone: (206) 723-4105

  • Select your own food from the pantry on Wednesday or Saturday between 9:30AM- 2PM.


Clinic/HIV/STD Testing:


  • 1016 E. Pike St, 3rd Floor, Seattle

  • Phone: (206) 957-1600

  • M, T, W, Th, F  8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. (by appointment and walk-in). Free HIV testing.


Center for MultiCultural Health

  • 1120 E. Terrace Street, Suite 200, Seattle

  • Phone: (206) 461-6910

  • Offers Spanish speaking staff. M, T, W, Th, F  9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (by appointment and walk-in). Wednesdays (call for appointment). Free HIV testing.


Planned Parenthood

  • 2001 E. Madison Street, Seattle

  • Phone: (800) 230-7526

  • Call to make an appointment. No walk-ins for HIV/STI testing.


Project Access Northwest

  • 1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

  • Phone: (206) 788-4204

  • Project Access Northwest has specialized in Care Coordination, matching volunteer specialty care providers and hospital partners with carefully pre-screened patients in need of care.


RotaCare Free Clinic

  • 14812 Main Street, Bellevue, WA

  • Phone: (425) 828-4304

  • Is a volunteer driven coalition of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, interpreters and administrators, all dedicated to serve the uninsured in the community. The Bellevue Clinic provides basic free medical care and medications to adults and children. Medical services include: Treatment of illness and minor injury, screening for high blood pressure and diabetes, referral for basic x-rays, bloodwork, and tests, basic medications related to the patient’s illness or minor injury, and referral for special or ongoing medical care.


Swedish Community Specialty Clinic

  • 800 5th Ave., Suite P100, Seattle, WA 98104

  • Phone: (206) 320-3351

  • Our clinic provides specialized medical and dental services at no cost to low-income underinsured and uninsured patients.


Domestic Violence Shelters:

YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter

  • Phone: (202) 461-4882

  • The YWCA provides a safe haven for women and their children fleeing domestic violence. The domestic violence advocates work closely with clients to address issues and barriers, create safety plans, provide weekly support groups, crisis counseling and links to resources in the greater community. This is a 45 day emergency shelter.


New Beginnings

  • Phone: (206) 522-9472

  • Emergency Shelter is a house that can shelter up to 18 women and children each night. There is no limit on the number or ages of children per family. The shelter is secure and confidentially-located. It is a refuge for those escaping violence, and is available 24 hours a day. Stay is for 28 days.


Catherine Booth House

  • Phone: (206) 324-4943

  • Catherine Booth House is a confidentially located, emergency shelter for adults and children (meaning boys and girls under the age of 18) escaping domestic violence. It is a fully furnished secured 12-unit apartment complex with 24/7 staffing where each person or family has their own unit. Stays at Catherine Booth House can range from 1 to 90 days depending on individual circumstances.



  • Phone: (425) 656-7867

  • Provides safe refuge for women and children fleeing domestic abuse through our shelter program for women and children and hotel vouchers.


Life Wire:

  • Phone:

  • Offers various programming for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

    • Hotel-Motel Voucher Program: They are able to pay for short stays in area hotels or motels, offering an immediate crisis intervention option to survivors when local shelters are full.

    • My Sister’s Home: Offers confidential emergency housing and supportive services for families and individuals in lethal situations. My Sister’s Home is uniquely suited to accommodate families of all types, including families with teenage boys, transgender individuals and members of the LGTBQ community and men.

    • My Friend’s Place: Offers confidential transitional housing and supportive services to survivors healing from both domestic violence and substance abuse.



Compass Veteran’s Center Renton

  • Phone: (206) 474-1910

  • Permanent and transitional housing for veterans, including singles, couples and families. Reading groups and art classes for children in our youth center engage young residents, and case management services help adults find the support they need.


Shoreline Veteran’s Program

  • Phone: (206) 474-1880

  • Office hours 8:30 am to 5 p.m. Shoreline Veterans Program provides transitional housing and case management for 21 men and 4 women who are veterans. The center’s technology lab offers computer classes and helps residents apply for benefits, look for a job and access resources online.

Substance Abuse:

  • Cascade Women’s Program

  • Located in South Lake Union

  • Phone: (206) 474-1820

  • Office hours 8:30 am – 5 pm. The sobriety-intended program provides 32 units of transitional housing for women, along with case management and support from a skilled, compassionate staff. Residents may stay in the program for up to one year while working to overcome barriers to housing.

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