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What do we do?

We've already made a huge difference for more than hundreds of people experiencing homelessness or at-risk.

About our Projects

Our organization, Seeking Shelter Inc, is currently engaged in a number of exciting and important projects. These projects are aimed at addressing critical areas of need within our community, and we are proud to be making a difference in the lives of those we serve.


One of our most important initiatives is Charlie's House, which is our dream for a multi-service shelter for youth in Miami. This project is aimed at providing a safe and supportive space for young people who are experiencing homelessness, helping them to access the resources and support they need to get back on their feet.


Another key project we are working on is the creation of a documentary film that will explore the complex intersectionalities of homelessness. This film will shine a light on the many different factors that contribute to homelessness, helping to raise awareness and draw attention to this critical social issue.


Our work in Coconut Grove is another important focus for our organization. This project is focused on the families and individuals living in the West Grove community, providing critical support and prevention efforts to help them avoid homelessness in the first place.


We have also developed a free phone app that provides resource guides and support to anyone in crisis. This app is a valuable tool for individuals who are struggling to access the resources they need, helping them to find the support they need to get back on their feet.

The Hope Hub project is an ambitious initiative involving the implementation of a mobile unit and a resource center hub. The mobile unit will travel to neighborhoods where homeless people reside and low-income areas, providing essential items and connecting individuals with supportive services. The Hope Hub resource center will offer essential items, connections, counseling, and educational activities for children, aiming to create a safe environment for families in need. 


Finally, our SIP (Shelter-In-Place) outreach efforts are ongoing. This program is focused on meeting individuals where they are, providing critical resources and support to those who are living on the streets.


Overall, these projects exemplify our commitment to making a positive impact in our community. We are proud of the work we are doing, and are excited about the many ways in which we can continue to serve those in need.

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